Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

Extractions from the Charter

1. General conditions

1.1.  The Charity fund for providing help for disabled orphans for the sake of St. Matrona of Moscow (further – “The Fund”) is a noncommercial organization without membership founded on the basis of voluntary property payments and pursuing social, charitable, cultural, educational and other socially useful purposes.

1.2.1. The Fund purpose is to accumulate property, including money resources, on the basis of voluntary property payments, and also other contributions not forbidden by the law, and transfer of the specified property to citizens and legal bodies for achievement of the following purpose: social support, protection, rehabilitation and socialization of  disabled children, without parental support.

1.6. Participants of the Fund are physical persons and the legal bodies who have expressed support to the purposes of the Fund and (or) its concrete actions, taking part in its activities without obligatory registration of conditions of their participation and have the right to stop at any time the participation in the Fund work.

2. The legal status of the Fund

2.1. The fund is the legal body from the moment of its state registration.

2.2. The fund has own balance, ruble and other currency  accounts in banking establishments.

2.3. For achievement of the purpose of its activity the Fund has the right to perform duties, to be the claimant and the respondent in court, as well as in arbitration  court.

2.4. The Fund is the proprietor of the property belonging to it. Founders of the Fund have no property rights concerning Fund property.

2.8. The Fund can cooperate with commercial and noncommercial organizations, including international, for achievement of its goals.

2.10. The Fund doesn’t set profitability as its goal. The Fund has the right to be engaged in the entrepreneur activity which corresponds to its goals and is necessary for achievement of socially useful purposes for the sake of which the Fund is created.

 3. The Fund property

3.1. The fund uses property for the purposes defined by the present Charter.

3.4. The fund conducts accounts department and provides statistical reporting as due,  and uphold responsibility for its reliability. The fund is obliged to publish annual reports about the use of its property.

4. The Fund Management

4.1. The supreme body of the Fund management is the Fund Board.

4.17. The Board of guardians (The Council) is formed for supervision of the Fund activities, for controlling of taking the decisions by other bodies of the Fund and bringing them in reality, for controlling  the use of the Fund finance and compliance to the Law.

4.18. The Council carries out the activity on public principles. 

4.25. Control for financial and administrative activities of the Fund is carried out by a revision committee. The revision committee is selected by the Fund Board.

4.26. Members of the revision committee can’t be members of the Fund management or  be officials of  the Fund.

4.28. For check and acknowledgement of the annual financial reporting the Fund is obliged to use the specialized auditor organization.

5. Terms of  termination

5.1. The termination of the Fund activity occurs by reorganization or liquidation.

5.5. The decision on the Fund liquidation can be taken only by court under the statement of interested persons.

5.6. At the Fund liquidation its property is used on the charitable purposes under the decision of the liquidating commission if other isn’t established by the federal law.