Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

How the Fund Was established

The information for those who love it to be short:

By nature of our activity on rendering assistance to pregnant women in crisis circumstances we have faced a problem of abandoned children. In the process of evaluating this problem we have come to a conclusion that people should pay more attention concentrate to children who, from the moment they are born, have some developmental anomalies or have got them as a result of a patrimonial trauma, a pre-natal infection, a HIV-infection, i.e. on disabled children without parental support. Among them there are blind, hard hearing or deaf children, children with children’s cerebral paralysis, with developmental anomalies of extremities, an obverse skull etc.

Organization and realization of individual care for such children, operations, usage of hearing aids, orthopedic means and other kinds of treatment and correction from the earliest age can essentially affect the life and destiny of such children. So we decided to take part in the destiny of disabled orphans.

The noncommercial organization The Charity Fund for providing help for disabled orphans is organized with the purpose of social support, protection, rehabilitation and socialization of these children, left without parental support.

The information for those who love it to be more detailed:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Svetlana Moskaleva, I am a doctor and the initiator of the establishment of the Fund. Lately due to my work I was involved in dealing with problems of crisis pregnant women. In the course of work on rendering assistance in solving  problems of crisis pregnant women I faced a problem of unwillingness (unpreparedness ) of a woman to have a child, to become a mother. A question of refusal of the child in one or another form and at any stage of pregnancy was simply “soared in the air”. In parallel with rendering assistance to pregnant women we tried to carry out preventive work to avoid the refusal of the child. That can be considered as a starting point on a way of creation of the organization for rendering assistance to abandoned children. Here are some reflections that led us to organization of the Fund:

A pregnant woman who does not want to give a birth for her child, does not accept him, has obviously lack of love. Therefore she cannot give her child something what she herself almost does not have.

A woman can decide to have an abortion. At the same time she can decide to keep pregnancy.

A  woman can learn to love her child. Or she might not accept it, and refuse the child.

A woman can accept the child without any conditions. Or a woman can accept the child provided that the child is faultless.

A woman can accept and love her child the way  he was born. Or the woman can refuse it if defect or a norm deviation is found out.

During pregnancy (especially in the beginning) the woman can try somehow to get rid of undesirable pregnancy, but also can undertake nothing.

There are many variants and the reasons of such actions. Now we are talking not about it. I only adhere to a logic thread which has led to the Fund. And it was the beginning.

So, already during pregnancy the woman can have thoughts or desire to refuse the child. It is a very serious problem in work with crisis pregnant women.

In parallel I could visit some orphanages and in children’s hospitals. There most of all I was amazed with abandoned children about whom it is less spoken, they are shown more rare than the others, they have minimum chances to find a family, they have less perspectives in all respects –  it is about children with congenital defects of development (blind, with the lowered hearing or deaf, with developmental anomalies of extremities, an obverse skull and etc.). And also children with defects and illnesses got right after the birth: consequences of a patrimonial trauma, a pre-natal infection,  HIV etc.

The total amount of such abandoned children is insignificant, but such children exist – and it is a fact.

… the Way continues …

Experts know, and to usual people it is clear – the earlier the treatment  begins, the better results are: some blind children can become visually impaired,  and vision ability of  visually impaired children  can be essentially improved (under condition of carrying out of operations and treatment when children are under 2-2,5 years. Later the  chances to improve the vision are insignificant).

At application of hearing aids from the early years a hard hearing child develops according to his age, learns to speak. At omission of optimum age the delay and backlog in development of a child becomes irreversible.

And children with children’s cerebral paralysis ? How much patience and efforts is required to teach such children to move, serve themselves, to be independent … The efforts from the first days of life are most effective and productive while muscles and sinews are pliable, bones grow, the nervous system  forms and develops …

And so with all groups of disabled children

But after all each life is the gift of the God. Each child is unique. Everyone is allocated by own talents. Each child has the right to worthy life during the life. Each child has the right to open and realize his abilities and talents  as much as possible in accessible to him way. Each child is worthy love. Each child has the right to have a family.  Noone child is guilty that he was born as he was born.

It is clear. But what further? What waits for abandoned disabled children in their adult life?

The thread becomes stronger, the way purpose wasn’t defined yet, but something starts to clear up …

Once again, there are many variants and variations. But in general there are only two variants:

– If you help abandoned disabled child to overcome and compensate defects of development and by this to create preconditions for normal life – he won’t become a burden for himself and for  society. He can be socialized and not only exist, but live and benefit.

– If the time and chances of rehabilitation of the disabled child is missed, he can become a heavy burden both for himself and for the society. After children’s orphanage his destiny is to live in the closed specialized establishment for adults, and then – for old people (if he gets a chance to live till an old age). Ihavebeentherealso…

But let us return to children … the picture is not joyful …

But what’s further? What happens next?

The way proceeds … The living conditions of  children, including disabled children in orphanages (which I visited) were rather good: clean, cozy, nice; the children have enough food,  food is  of high quality (not all children eat that way at home). The staff deserves deep respect and honor: from  director to a nurse, all people work not for the sake of making money – the majority of them simply cannot act differently – they have a big heart. In these establishments individual programs of rehabilitation of “special” children are developed, additional means are allocated – it is done a lot. However many kinds of modern medical treatment costs too much, the amount of money provided by the state is sometimes not enough –as a result not everything is done what could have been done, the deadlines are not met. Besides, there are not enough people  (physical capacity) for realization of individual programs of rehabilitation. All it influences the productivity of efforts.

What can be done? After all the help to abandoned children now is so popular. Exactly: Many people help and do it very essentially and qualitative. But there is an extremely limited number of organizations in our city which “concentrate” all efforts on “special” abandoned children.

The thread becomes stronger, the way more determined, the purpose more clear …

The initiative group was formed from adherents, the program project was developed.

We have tried our forces as volunteers. Directions of activities “were highlighted”, programs “were born”.

So parallel lines sometimes are oddly crossed. In this case our Fund became a point of intersection.

So our way has led us to the decision of establishing a noncommercial organization –

Charity fund for providing help for disabled orphans for the sake of St. Matrona of Moscow  with the clear aim: to help abandoned disabled children without parental support by providing them with social support, protection, rehabilitation and socialization.