Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

Whom do we help?

Our Fund is created for the help to the most wretched and unprotected children which were born with defects or developmental anomalies or have got defects as a result of a patrimonial trauma and a pre-natal infection and remained without parental care. These are blind or visually impaired children, deaf or hard hearing children, children with splitting of an upper lip (“harelip”), children with children’s cerebral paralysis, with undeveloped extremities and other organs, children HIV-infected or with encephalopathy.

Why do we consider such children to be most wretched and unprotected?

First of all, the majority of these children even before their birth had lack of mother’s love and care. Some of them were an undesired obstacle and mothers tried to get rid of them. Some of them were left without mother’s love because they did not match their parent’s expectations – a born kid appeared to be not ideal in all respects, but with problems (“special, with defect”). A certain part of children of our target group has lost parent love because of cowardice of parents, because of their quite understandable fears to remain vis-a-vis with problems and forthcoming difficulties related to the birth and education of a disabled child.

In one or another way our children have lack of parent love.

Secondly, these are indeed “special” children: for their education and treatment much more attention, efforts, work and expenses is needed than for “usual” children. Due to objective reasons it is almost impossible to provide such children with an individual tutor,  nurse,  instructor or a teacher, to get necessary financing of medical treatment and rehabilitation in orphanages. It is also necessary to take into consideration that parents and relatives of such child when brought up in a family, will constantly look for possibilities to help him. Andabandoneddisabledchildrenhavenosuchadditional “engines”.

Thirdly, the reality of life shows that disabled child has much less chances to be adopted or to be taken in a family under guardianship  than  a healthy kid.

Fourthly, the considerable part of disabled children is limited in getting education. The choice and acquisition of professions for them is extremely limited because of the state of their  health.

Fifthly, when grown-up, disabled children are limited in creation of own family.

As a result such children can easily become a social and financial burden for a society. While  with the help and assistance of not indifferent  socially-responsible people and organizations it is possible to affect very essentially the destiny of disabled children.

By general joint efforts we can contribute to allow disabled children to live maximally normal life. And we can do all we can in order not to let them feel themselves unnecessary and useless.

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