Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

Why the Fund is named after St. Matrona of Moscow?

Our Fund is established for the sake of  blissful St. Matrona of Moscow. You can read about her life on a page “Life of  St. Matrona of Moscow”. She died in peace in 1952, some people who knew her are still alive. She is almost our contemporary. Being blind since she was born, Matrona has lost ability to move independently when she was 17. Very early she  lost her house and was forced to find a shelter in different houses of Christian people in Moscow. From her early childhood Matronushka was the sample of  kindness, mildness, patience, humility and faith.

Despite her disability, infirmity and many troubles St. Matrona till her death consoled suffering, crippled, poor, ailing and ill people with the words, with the pray or with the council. Without having enough herself she divided everything what was brought to her between those who were in need showing benevolence, sympathy and love to all who addressed her. And by doing this she executed her mission. Her life was filled by the higher meaning. When coming to her people saw themselves the life of the blissful righteous woman, saw her uncomplaining and with gratitude excepted ordeals, her readiness to divide and facilitate the burdens of the others, they became stronger in hope, patience, belief, they found peace of mind and soul.

And what example can be more convincing and more authentic for disabled cripple, than an example of another disabled cripple. After all despite physical infirmity,  Matrona was becoming stronger and was increasing spiritual strength. And thanks to it, by executing Evangelical Commandments, she has achieved the highest reward – sanctity.

Thus, blissful St. Matrona of Moscow disabled from the birth, shows an amazing example of cheerfulness, belief, love and help to those who are close to you, she shows the  heights of  personal development. She is the support, the consolation, the holy patroness and the helper for disabled orphans who are the target group of our project (suffering as her) and for all participants of the project and volunteers of the Fund named in her honor.

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