Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

Those we care about

We consider as our wards (target group of our activity) children disabled from their birth (from the 1st days of life up to 17 years), who were left without parental support. These are blind born and visually impaired children, deaf and hard hearing children; children who were born with developmental anomalies of extremities and of the musculoskeletal system, of the obverse skull, of other bodies. And also these are the children with defects and the illnesses got at the time of delivery and right after their birth: with consequences of a patrimonial trauma, a pre-natal infection, a HIV etc.

Such children are cared for and financed by the state. To the great number of these children it is necessary and it is possible to provide help, but official establishments are not able to carry it on alone. Only with our active human, civil and social position it is possible to affect essentially the destiny of abandoned disabled children and to change their life to the best.

All of us are responsible for the things which happen.

There are no somebody’s else children – all of them are ours – human.

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