Благотворительный фонд помощи детям сиротам-инвалидам во имя св. Матроны Московской

How you can help

You can suggest your ideas, interesting projects, activities and actions  helping to fulfill the authorized purposes of the Fund and to take part in their implementation.

You can also become participants of our programs, activities and actions.

You can apply your abilities and talents in various activities of the Fund.

You can donate money (in cash or by the bank transfer, just once or on a regular basis) – your charitable monetary donations can be provided to a special project or can have a general character.

Your donations can be also:

  • In the form of baby food and means of children’s hygiene;
  • In the form of household and office equipment, video equipment etc.;
  • In the form of  stationery, accessories for child labor and creativity, for drawing;  toilet paper, paper napkins and towels;
  • In the form of household inventory and also household chemical goods;
  • In the form of consumable materials;
  • In the form of second-hand office furniture;
  • In granting of transport services and organization of transportation;
  • In rendering assistance in publishing;
  • In the form of developing games and educational supplies for children of different age;
  • In the form of finishing materials and various kinds of your production;
  • In the form of profile services etc., etc.

The Fund will accept any help and participation with  gratitude.

The Fund undertakes to provide you with the information how your donations were used.

For the children:

Any of your help to the Fund – in any form and in any kind, is the direct or mediated help to children.

We invite for cooperation and we wait for the people, who are not indifferent to the problems of the children without parental support: you can participate in escorting the children during their walks, you can look after the children in hospitals, you can participate in our activities and actions.

Together we can do more!

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